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Tropical Plants

Get to know all about Colourful Gardens - what we do, our mission and our history. Colourful Gardens is a year-round Greenhouse that offers a variety of potted tropical house plants. We specialize in wholesale business, but offer much more.

At Colourful Gardens we are grateful for being able to do what we love. This is a passion we want to share!

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Colourful Gardens is a multi-generational Greenhouse serving mainly the Ontario market. Our company traces its roots back to the Netherlands, where owners Clen and Angelle took over Angelle's father's greenhouse in 1989. At that time they decided they wanted to brighten people's lives with plants; their first crop of hibiscus was how they planned to do that. After five years on the old farm, they grew and spent another five years at a new farm in the Netherlands, but were soon ready for a new adventure.


In 1999, Clen and Angelle took their two kids to Canada. They fell in love with the land and way of life and started their business anew as Colourful Gardens. Since then, we’ve been through many changes, like adding bromeliads in 2003 and welcoming the next generation to the team in 2017. 


Now the main focus of the company is on providing bromeliads to the Ontario market, while still producing the original crop of hibiscus. 



We believe that any company can do good through doing good business. In this way, we have incorporated some of our values into the way we run our greenhouse.


First and foremost we are committed to quality. We believe in providing products that we can be proud of and that our end consumers can enjoy for as long as possible. Plants are bought to brighten spaces and should, therefore, look their best. 


We also believe in following best care practices in all aspects of the business. This is necessary to achieve the quality we strive for in a responsible way. We only use biological pest control to create a natural growing environment for the plants, and a healthy working environment for our team. We strive to restrict our water and energy use (electric and natural gas) to not only keep operating costs low but to not be wasteful. We also observe waste management practices such as containing fertilizer runoff, reusing and recycling the majority of our supplies, and composting our organic waste.


Growing Forward

Growing plants gives a connection with nature. After learning more about the natural habitat of this area we partnered with ALUS Canada to repurpose the unused portions of our farm to natural habitat restoration projects. 


Through these projects we have established habitats, including tall grass prairie, black oak savannah, wet land, and forest, in which native plant and animal species can thrive.


Check out Clen's Instagram for more photos! 

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Tall Grass Prairie

ALUS establishes and maintains grasses to sequester carbon, control erosion, support pollinators, and provide habitat for wildlife. 

Black Oak Savannah

Scorching the Black Oak Savannah - through controlled burns - allows native tall grass species get an advantage over cold season grasses. The Black Oak will withstand the burn that other trees may not.

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Native trees provide wildlife habitat, store carbon, help control soil erosion, and maintain critical links between forests across the country.

Wet Land

ALUS creates, restores, enhances and maintains Canadian wetlands, which are important for storing water, mitigating droughts and floods, filtering nutrients to keep water clean, sequestering carbon, protecting wildlife and many more ecosystem services.

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